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>Regular Field Trips

Starting from Gyeongju trip in 1973, Regular Field Trip program has offered 410 times of trips to the cultural sites, museums, temples, and excavation sites in Korea so far. The trips are made on the third Wednesday of each month, and each year around 500 people join the program. FNMK's members with Special Membership or upper level memberships can join the program with their families.

>Field Trips for the Students of FNMK Lecture Programt

This annual field trip program is for the students of FNMK Lecture program.

Field Trips for the Students of Special Lecture Program

This program offers five times of field trips to five different cultural heritage sites in Korea each year. The program provides students basic knowledge of cultural assets and correct way of planning and conducting the field trip.

Field Trips for the Students of Academic Presentation Program

The students of Academic Presentation program take two times of field trips each year and learn wide-ranging knowledge of cultural assets and deepen their friendship.

>Overseas Field Trip Program

Since 1988, Friends of National Museum of Korea has been conducting an annual overseas filed trip program to visit the places in overseas countries including the origins of ancient civilizations. This program provides people to visit historical places around the world and study them from the perspective of anthropology, archeology, history, and art history, which differentiates it from other field trip programs. FNMK's overseas field trip program is a program of expertise and dignity.